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Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax

Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax

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The short-term solution for acute stress for the stomach of your horse.

Especially for horses that react nervously in unfamiliar situations, e.g. at tournaments, at the vet/veterinary clinic, on foreign training grounds, during trailer rides, at the farrier or also when loading. Give 10 minutes before the situation.

  • handy single dose
  • even easier to administer
  • ideal for short-term use
  • reduces stress-related discomfort
  • excellent stomach acid buffer
  • doping-free
  • very tasty

1 pack contains 9 single syringes with 30 g paste each
1 syringe contains 1 dose of 30 g
Price per syringe: 5,69 €*

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Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax is Drug Free and Doping Free – tested in the FEI's official anti-doping laboratory in Germany – and can be administered to any horse, whether a sport horse, leisure horse, foal or small pony.

The paste is tasty, with added stevia and vanilla, and easy to handle. Perfect for competitions, trailer rides, changes to the herd, breaking in young horses, or weaning foals.

IN THE IMAGE: Floor van der Weiden, dressage rider

  • What is Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax?

    Transport situations, tournaments, training in new places and the like can put a lot of stress on your horse's stomach. Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax can help your horse to cope with this stress.

    If acute stressful situations are imminent, the horse is given a dose of Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax 10-30 minutes beforehand. The positive effect can be felt within a few minutes and lasts as long as the paste remains in the stomach. This is about 4 hours.

  • How is Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax administered?

    Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax is available in paste form, ready to administer through a handy applicator, directly into the horse's mouth.
    We recommend to feed 30 g for one horse (approx. 250-600 kg). Best 10-30 minutes before the event (departure, tournament start, training etc.)

    The paste is very tasty with added stevia and vanilla, which the horses enjoyed without exception. Depending on the outside temperature, the paste will be a little thicker or thinner but always easy to handle. We recommend warming the paste briefly in your hands before application on cold days.

  • How does Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax work?

    Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax forms a protective barrier in the horse's stomach.

    Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax has a marine origin. It is extracted from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum (Fam. Fucaceae) which grows off the coast of Scotland. Aggressive gastric acid can reach the sensitive stomach lining in the upper, glandless part of the horse's stomach through the peristalsis of the stomach and through the horse's movement. This causes stomach irritation and pain.

    Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax blends with the stomach acid to form a gel-like substance, creating a protective barrier that covers the stomach contents like a film and prevents the acid from reaching these sensitive areas.

    After about four hours, this protective film dissolves and is excreted directly from the intestine without being absorbed into the blood.

  • Is Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax recommended for all horses?

    Equine 74 Stomach Calm Relax is suitable for all horses, especially for generally nervous horses and for horses that are prone to stress, have a sensitive stomach or irritated mucous membrane and/or react sensitively to new, unfamiliar or stressful situations.

    Such situations can include competitions, trailer rides, changes to the herd, the breaking in of young horses or the weaning of foals.

    If a horse is under stress - in nature this usually happens when there is danger - the flight instinct kicks in. In order to make the energy required for flight available, digestion is slowed down, among other things. As a result, the constantly produced stomach acid is not sufficiently buffered and may attack the stomach lining.

Natural magnesium with highest bioavailability

Natural magnesium with highest bioavailabilityEach syringe contains about 1.80 grammes of magnesium. Magnesium is proven to calm the nerves* and is therefore ideal to help calm and relax horses in stressful situations.A large horse needs about 20 grammes daily, which is usually covered by normal feed intake.Due to the paste's rapid decomposition process and an extremely high bioavailability of 98%, the magnesium is very quick-acting.

*Magnesium aspartate supplementation and reaction speed response in horses, JEVS Volume 35, Ausgabe 5, Mai 2015, S. 401-402Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, AustralienWaltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Leicestershire, Vereinigtes Königreich

Customer Reviews

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Kim Steppan

Sehr zufrieden gute Akzeptanz bei den Pferden

Irina SG
Pferd frisst besser auf dem Transporter

Seitdem wir Stomach Calm Relax vor dem Turnier geben, ist unser Pferd auf dem Weg dorthin zufriedener. Ruhiger ist sie nicht geworden, aber sie genießt ihr Heu auf dem Transporter. Das hat sie vorher nicht gemacht.

Anna-Lena Herkner

Die Paste wurde sehr gern gefressen, leider ging die Paste extrem schlecht aus der Spritze raus und konnte somit nicht direkt ins Maul gegeben werden

Sehr gut statt gastrogard

Mein Pferd hat immer wieder mit Magenschmerzen zu tun. Neulich war es wieder so weit und er hatte Kolikanzeichen. Habe ihm dann das Calm relax gegeben, Colosan und ein pflanzliches Schmerzmittel. Damit haben wir es in den Griff bekommen. Habe dann noch 6 weitere Tage täglich einen Shot gegeben, damit der Magen sich weiter beruhigen kann. Er wurde von Tag zu Tag wieder entspannter. Jetzt ist wieder alles ok.

Tolles Produkt

Wir nutzen Calm Relax seit Jahren für unseren übersensiblen Wallach. Er ist mit Calm Relax deutlich entspannter und handelbarer wenn man mit ihm unterwegs ist.