*Applies only to the 2 kg pack of Equine 74® Gastric powder or pellets.

Equine 74 is the world's leading brand of 100% natural supplements for horses and ponies based on marine algae Lithtohamnion Glaciale and Ascophilum Nodosum. Sound scientific studies prove the effectiveness of Equine 74 products.

Equine 74 is a pioneer and trendsetter in the development of these specific ingredients to improve the well-being of horses and ponies. All Equine 74 supplements are doping-free and used by leisure, amateur and professional riders as well as Olympic medalists and world champions.

We are an owner-managed family business from Hamburg. Our greatest motivation and daily incentive are happy riders and their horses, who once again have fun and enjoy working together. With Equine 74, riders give their horses back what they have been missing for a long time: real horse quality of life.

This is how Equine 74 Gastric works

In this video you will learn how to improve the well-being of your horse!